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Guys And Girls (G&G) is a Social Networking Group for HIV+ heterosexual men and women, run by men and women who themselves are HIV+ and heterosexual. We offer G&G members the unique opportunity to meet make new friends and form new relationships. Our hallmark has always been meeting HIV+ people face to face. At G&G social events, you can be yourself and not be concerned with the stigmas sometimes and still associated with a simple HIV infection.

We organize social events providing real time encounters with other HIV+ people. With HIV “disclosure” not being an issue here, what better way is there, than being in a safe and relaxed, positive, social atmosphere to meet new friends. Some people find opportunities to date, but this is far from what G&G sees as our mission or goal.

Our group takes away the pressures, stress, and feelings associated with meeting strangers online, and the formality of a one on one date; a daunting experience in and of itself.

Guys and Girls creates environments where you can meet other people in a similar situation. By joining G&G, whether to make new friends or maybe meet a significant other, you can be confident you
’ll be meeting people who are accepting and understanding of an HIV infection. At G&G a person’s HIV status is not an issue.

Latest posts and upcoming events.

Friday, July 22, 2016 Guys and Girls summer of 2016 water front mixer and dinner.  Details on future events page.

Thursday, July 28, 7:30pm
American Express Series
Gregory Porter | Marcus Strickland & Twi-Life


Details can be found on the Future Events page.

See "Past Events" to see what we have done earlier this year. Also take a look at the FAQ page if you are new to the group. Also look at member feedback and comments.