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Sharing a meal with the outspoken woman and men of G&G—Monday August 14, 2017

We are coming together on Monday August 14, 2017, partially in honor of the cool women here at Guys And Girls who have done the out of the normal, by giving face and voice to a still highly stigmatized condition. Read about them here Women Living with HIV World AIDS Day--Refinery 29 December 1, 2014 http://www.refinery29.com/women-with-hiv-world-aids-day#slide. The other reason we are doing this is just because we can, the event and venues are very very special; like you, the people in attendance!

We have made plans for a 19th floor roof deck lounge, with unspoiled 270 degree views of lower Manhattan; spanning from the 59th street bridge in the north, to Midtown and the Hudson Yards in the middle, coming down along the Westside and New Jersey, to lower Manhattan’s Freedom Tower and Manhattan Bridge. The views are unspoiled and spectacular, this is the second best commercial roof deck in NYC. And they actually have a happy hour with beer and well cocktails priced at $6.00 until 8:00PM.

Following the mixer we have dinner planned at a local authentic Malaysian restaurant a few blocks away. For a special dinner and guests (you are going to be there right), we deserve a special round table for up to 12, affording us all the opportunity to all talk to each other at the same time. We are going to go one step further on this family style Asian meal; for those interested in placing one family order in advance G&G will take responsibility for making this order with primary aims of keeping to a $20.00 price point before tax and tip, giving consideration to everyone’s expressed dietary limitations or restrictions, lastly making a menu that is interesting, satisfying and diverse. It is perfectly acceptable if a person wants to order for themselves that day at the restaurant. For those people into the family style ordering please say so when you RSVP and let us know your dietary restrictions or limitations. Beer or wine at dinner you’d be responsible for payment.

In the confirming email we will include a link to the restaurant’s menu as well as what we are thinking of order for those in the family style meal.

Timing plans for Monday August 14, 2017

6:30 to 7:30 meet at roof top lounge

7:30 to 7:45 walk to restaurant

7:45 to 9:15 Seated for dinner

RSVP Procedure

You must mail in $30.00, in cash only; include the following information:  your name, address, telephone number, e-mail as well as a self-addressed stamped return envelope. This is the only way to secure your place for August 14th. Some of you have been told you needn’t mail in your RSVP, this is still true; please email us your RSVP. For everyone else please do not send an email explaining why you can’t RSVP by mail, “snail-mail” is the RSVP method for you, for now. Once you become a regular reliable attendee, this courtesy will be extended to you too!


An e-mail confirmation with all the location specifics will be sent to those who RSVP for the gathering by Sunday, August 13th. If we are able to confirm a place for you, your $30.00 and return envelope will be given back to you on Monday August 14th. If you do not show up, your $30.00 will be used to offset the expenses of running this group. If you RSVP as described above, and your plans change, lets us know by Saturday, August 12th and we will gladly send back your $30.00 RSVP deposit in the self-addressed stamped envelope you provided. It is better to RSVP now; you can always cancel by August 12th without cost or penalty. And all RSVPs must be received at our P.O. Box below by Friday August 11th.


G&G’s mailing address remains:

Guys And Girls

P.O. Box 251

New York, NY 10014


Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask them by e-mail. Or if you would like to speak to someone directly leave a telephone number in your email, and someone will call you back promptly.


Please remember we have brochures which need to be placed in your doctor or healthcare provider’s offices. Ask us to send you brochures, this is a cooperative effort, the more we each do the more we each benefit.


We look forward to seeing you in July.


Positively Yours


Guys And Girls


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