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The G&G  social networking initiative was founded by two guys and a girl, who met in an HIV support group in 1992.  In 1995, the three began this social networking group, which we today call Guys and Girls.  
Since the early 1990's, the founders of G&G understood that support groups although helpful and beneficial were not able to fulfill all the needs of HIV positive people.  Recognizing the need for men and women to have a safe environment in which they could gather to network and socialize without fear of rejection because they had HIV, the founders of G&G took the initiative and created G&G. 
Working from their own homes and using their funds, the founders started a grassroots campaign to promote G&G.  From the beginning, it was their top priority to make G&G a diverse group that represents the HIV Heterosexual community living in the tri-state area of NY.
Since its inception, G&G has had thousands of people join the group.  Countless friendships have and continue to be forged at G&G, as well as numerous romantic relationships.  The original founder of G&G has shown nonstop commitment to G&G and it's cause, which is to bring people together in community and friendship.