How to Join/Attend

We are an e-mail invitation based networking effort. What this means to you is that we send e-mails to announce and otherwise publicize our upcoming events. You will need to send us three bits of information to join our e-mail list to receive invitations for upcoming events.

1. Male or female gender

2. The city

3. The state you reside in

Please send this information to

At this point we don’t want or need your name or any other sort of personal information. We have a few reasons for this. First, your privacy is the most important reason. We don't post upcoming events locations on the internet, we announce events by email. We don’t want people to be able to simply walk into events posted on a web site. Second, we are sometimes limited to the number of people that can attend any particular event. We also strive for gender balance at events. And given this website can be seen by people all over the country and the world, we want to make and send targeted invitations based on your location.