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The intent of this page is to give G&G members a place to have their feedback, thoughts and comments be read by others who are looking for more information about G&G and how we do things. Think of this as what you would want someone unfamiliar with G&G to know about G&G. These comments are not edited and are posted the way they come to us by you members. You are invited to e-mail us your comments and we will add them to this page. Please include a date, reference to an event or experience you’ve had, and some sort of handle/name/location, for example “Lisa from Long Island” or “Lyndhurst Lenny”. Thank you for making this the best place it can be! You can email comments to
1. From: CT YANKEE JH -  Awesome event with fun, intelligent, attractive professional women and men - this past weekend!  Finally an informal relaxing forum to break bread with people who are thriving with a common "challenge" and open to new friendships well beyond the event itself.  Hundreds more should join us -whether from the NYC or visiting. (August 2014)
2.  G&G brought together 12 people to the last dinner meet in Chinatown. We were a diverse group of individuals with many more points in common than their status. I would definitely try and make the next meet and I invite anyone feeling "lonely" in their world to join even if for once. (August 2014)
Smiles from Anonymous.
3. CT Yankee JH--Who needs SuperBowl parties when the best event of this past weekend was the Guys and Girls 20th Anniversary Celebration. Our hosts once again gave the group a gastronomical tour of Manhattan, e.g  ChinaTown, Little Italy and more with great food, libation, laughs (many!) and most importantly fellowship. It was also great to see how the group is growing in size. This alone reinforces the important need  Guys and Girls meets for all of us facing the same life challenges. (January 2015)
4. Michelle from Harlem--I had such a great time at this G&G brunch event today. A funny, smart, engaging, kind, open, non-judgemental, positive, and diverse group of a dozen men and women. We laughed so hard, my jaw hurt.
What a fun way to boost your immune system:)
So i am going to try and make the next event.
A bowling and/or dinner event in Astoria.
Don't be shy, try it once. (March 2015)
5. A great time with a great group of people. A really fun get together. I am in my mid 20's and I didn't stop laughing at the gathering. A diverse group from all backgrounds, ages and cultures with one thing in common. It doesn't define us from enjoying ourselves and making each day count. A great group!
-BrooklynChristian  (March 2015)
6. Attended my first G&G even in the fall of 1999. Over the next several years took part in many great events both small and large, and always well organized and diverse in both locations and people. Was away
from the group for several years and showed up again for an event in September of 2014. Like the group members, G&G has evolved through the years. Along with the event in September, attended the 20th. anniversary party in February of 2015. These events were more intimate and easier to be involved with those in attendance. Lots of fun and laughter was had by all. Plan on attending the bowling event in March to mostly hangout with a good group of people where you can be yourself without always on guard in regards to what you reveal about yourself or your life as many of us do in our everyday lives such as at work. If you are just looking to find your "Soul Mate" or "The One", then maybe this group is not for you. You should attend if you want to relax and be among others on the same unfortunate journey. (March 2015)

     John in Philadelphia
7. Its always nice to receive your emails,and comforting to know groups like you are active,Someday i, hope,pray,ill be in good enough shape to attend a get togethers ? Im dealing with sever back issues that don't allow me to walk very far or sit very long,without being in sever pain,traveling to NYC would be like going across the world,i need very much to get out and be social with others that also have HIV, someday,someday,soon ??
Thanks for being there,it does inspire me !! (March 2015)
Steve, N.J. 
With Steve's permission we are listing his email address here if anyone would like to reach out and say hello to Steve:
8. Hi,
     I have been a member of G&G for many years and attended my first
event in 1999. Back then when the HIV+ heterosexual community was more
active, the group would have large party events at bars and restaurants.
While these were always fun, there was a disconnect for many people who
felt intimidated by these large crowds, and you would often see them
standing by themselves for most of the evening, and often would not see
them again at a G&G event if not for a long time. The events that G&G
has now, like the one on 06/20/2015, are smaller and more intimate in
the sense of being more inclusive. A group of 12-15 people meeting at a
restaurant around 6:00 for drinks first, followed by a nice dinner in a
private dining room around a big table. Even the shyest of people have
the ability to open up and talk in this setting. We had a long dinner at
the restaurant with much back-and-forth chatter, then went a few blocks
to a cozy bar for a few more drinks. The entire evening lasted for over
5 hours with everyone saying goodbye and going their separate ways
around 11:30. A few hours of being in a comfortable environment without
always looking over one's proverbial "HIV+ Shoulder", worrying about
what one says and to whom.

     John In Philadelphia
9. From: Joy-Manhattan
At first I was a little skeptical about participating. However, my first experience in 2016 was so great. Everyone was so cordial, friendly, and a pleasure to be around. We had drinks first and then went to a Chinese Restaurant.
I had the pleasure of going out with the group a second time. Met people for the first time and enjoyed the company of others I had met before.
If you want to experience a wonderful time with people who understand the situation you are going through, I highly recommend Guys and Girls.
(August 2016)

10. From : Evelyn--Brooklyn

Hi to all,

I would like to thank you for welcoming me to your gathering. My experience was a great one! I felt the genuine love of everyone. Actually, it didn't feel like I was amongst strangers. It felt like family. I would definitely attend another event. And most of all I would recommended this group. 

God bless each one of you and I look forward to meeting in the future. In addition, I would like a few brochures mailed to me. 


(February 2017)

11. From: John from Philadelphia

Want to send my appreciation to all of those that made the day before New Years’s Eve event in Chinatown a success. A few drinks beforehand at a nice wine/beer bar, followed by a short stroll across the street to a great Chinese restaurant where we shared a nice cozy round table in the back near the wall. An un-godly amount of good food devoured by all, along with several bottles of tasteful wine brought to the event by the attendees. Afterward, several of the group walked to Mulberry Street and ended the night with a caffeine and sugar fix. This was a very enjoyable night and want to thank those that made the effort to attend.

Best wishes for 2019,
John from Philadelphia

(January 2019)