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3. Guys and Girls -- Interview With the Founder of NYC's Straight Social Group

Guys and Girls -- Interview With the Founder of NYC's Straight Social Group
Support Groups and Educational Forums Are Nice. Newsletters Are Great. But What About Love?
By Enid Vázquez,  March/April 2005
As facilitator of support groups at New York City's Body Positive during the early '90s, straight boy Thorner Harris heard people say over and over that all social events for heterosexuals with HIV were largely limited to those living in the therapeutic community. Some felt unwelcome at the events, or they couldn't relate to people in recovery. Harris thought, "Why not try to start a social group where the greatest cross-section of positive straight people could meet each other?" read more... - (link to a 2005 article in a Chicago publication)

         4.  HIV-Positive Heterosexuals Connect at Socials in New York

May 1997
It was a typical scenario at Fez, a hip downtown bar filled with people chatting, drinking, and trying to catch up with each other at the end of a long day. It was the kind of place, with its dusky lighting, long, low couches, and over-stuffed pillows, that encouraged intimate conversation. A couple on one of the couches seemed unaware of anyone else -- their bodies curled toward one another, foreheads almost touching. Their whispers were broken only by an occasional laugh at some inside joke. The man's hand gently cradling the woman's ankle made it apparent that spring had sprung. read more...  - (link to a 1997 article in Body Positive, a former NYC not-for-profit ASO)

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