Research Opportunities

Below you will find links to clinical trials G&G finds noteworthy, interesting, or both!
1. Rockefeller University--New York City trial

Over the 20 years we have brought and advanced social networking to people living with HIV, for the first time we are asking you to consider a research study to advance the social networking opportunities available to us. And equally if not more important; lets help advance excellent research in the area of HIV care and treatment.

 We have recently established a friendly, and what we think has the potential of becoming a mutually beneficial relationship with Rockefeller University. There is no financial tie between Rockefeller University and our group, however there could be a financial relationship between you and Rockefeller University. Let us quickly list some of the benefits to you, should you decide to participate in this research study.

Some of the immediate benefits and goals of the study:

1.     Compensation for your participation.

2.     If you qualify for the study, at least one free standard of care blood work up.

3.     Our group is making referrals to Rockefeller University and Rockefeller University is making referrals to us. This is win-win for our social networking group and for the work of Rockefeller University.

4.     The study itself is designed to measure to a lower number, below 20 copies, of the particles of HIV in a unit of blood. And there is another study to evaluate the sensitivity of your HIV to a new class of drugs to treat HIV; called “broadly neutralizing antibodies”.

We did go through the research study screening process at Rockefeller University and can share the following with you:

1.     The initial telephone screening took about 10 minutes.

2.     The visit to Rockefeller University at 66th St & York, took about 60 minutes.

3.     Rockefeller University’s 14 acre campus is tranquil and drawing.

4.     The research facility and staff are warm and professional.

5.     Privacy is paramount at Rockefeller University.

6.     Rockefeller University is one of the world’s leading biomedical research centers. For 114 years they have been improving the understanding of life for the benefit of humanity. In fact, Rockefeller scientists championed the combination anti-retroviral therapy.

As you can hopefully sense we are very excited about the work Rockefeller University is doing in the area of HIV research. We are equally excited about the potential of a mutually beneficial relationship with Rockefeller. We hope you too can see the benefit of this relationship, and give serious consideration to participating in this research study for your own benefit, for the benefit of people everywhere living with HIV, and for the potential of having another new source of friends for our little community.

To contact the HIV study group of Rockefeller University at:

Telephone 1-800-RUCARES