Statement of Purpose

The aim and purpose of Guys And Girls is to represent a heterosexual HIV positive social network based in New York City, where men and women can find others like themselves. Through this social oriented network, attendees are able to find other like minded and bodied individuals for friendship, community, emotional support, informal education on HIV, and a sense of normalcy; while living with an HIV infection which still remains life threatening, and unfortunately stigmatized.

Friends and family often provide empathy and caring for the person living with HIV. However, in the world away from the family, it is often another person living with HIV who can best provide the understanding surrounding issues such as; disclosure, drug side effects, the mental & emotional toll of living with HIV, the feelings surrounding sero-discordant relationships, and a host of other HIV specific issues. For many people finding significant personal relationships is key to emotional stability, and improved long term life and health outcomes. Guys And Girls provides HIV positive people a place to find others like themselves.